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BJ Dixon Walsh Ltd is registered to carry on audit work in the UK and Ireland by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. We accept audit appointments only in the UK.

We act for a wide range of clients across the UK and cover statutory audits and those companies seeking voluntary audits.

Key to our audit process is an absolute commitment to quality. Audit quality and excellent client service go hand in hand. The message is instilled in all people in our audit business and is fundamental to our culture.

Our audit approach is founded on detailed risk assessment and detailed analytical review which involves understanding the client’s business and then deciding our approach, not just completing a work programme. Key to the process is robust and considered planning, involving the client at all stages. Our audit approach remains a thinking rather than an automated process.

Our partners have gained their experience in audit from working in top 20 firms in the country and have developed the firm’s approach to audit using the benefit of this large firm experience.

Audits don’t have to be a burden.

Our approach assesses the size and complexity of the business before we begin auditing. The audit of an SME is likely to focus on the risks associated with size and evolving management structures rather than complex accounting issues.

We have invested for a long time in our quality assurance and technical team and we are subject to review by the Quality Assurance Department (“QAD”) of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. Our audit technical team ensures that our staff and our processes are up to date and relevant on all current regulation and standards.

Voluntary audits

Not all businesses need an audit but we have several companies that decide to have a voluntary audit. In our experience companies that are audited tend to take a more professional approach to good governance including considerations of internal controls and this can instil more confidence in lenders and investors.

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