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Case studies and testimonials

“I was employed as a chief executive who, despite using accountants corporately and being familiar with the auditing process each year, did not even think of accessing accountancy advice for myself. Each year I struggled with my self-assessment tax return thinking if I were reasonably intelligent and found it difficult, how on earth could some others manage? Someone pointed out to me that I should use BJ DixonWalsh’s services. The very first time they helped with that dreaded form, I received a rebate from the IR – very nice, thank you! Previously I’d always seemed to owe them – but actually I’d been missing opportunities…”

Dear Mr O'Donnell
I just wanted to thank you very much indeed for coming up with your brilliant plan for my parents to manage their bequests to me and my sibling. They have had an exhausting and stressful time of it over the last 7 years, repeatedly trying and failing to sort all of this out.
It really is a huge relief for all of us that the issue has now been resolved at last.


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+44 (0)1823 462401